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The Search For Sugar Continues: #FindSugarNYC

If you live in New York City, then you’ve probably seen a poster about Sugar, a beautiful Pitbull mix that went missing on February 23rd in Manhattan between 25th and 26th Street off Third Avenue. Sugar is female, 4 years old, and tan/brindle with white markings on her head, chest, and paws.  She weighs approximately 62 pounds and is known to be shy.

According to 7 Online, Sugar had been left in the care of a dog walker by her owner, Morgan Bogle, who was away in London on a business trip. As a fellow New Yorker and dog owner, my heart breaks for this poor woman who is desperately trying to find her baby.


Sugar (and Bogle) live in the East Village and used to frequent Thompson Square Park on a fairly regular basis. Bogle had apparently used this dog walker that “lost” Sugar for 3 years. According to 4 New York, Sugar’s collar, leash and coat were found in the dog walker’s apartment but there was no sign of the dog.


What’s even more troubling is the information about this dog walker having some sort of psychotic episode. When Bogle initially received a call from a neighbor in her building about Sugar, she was told that the dog walker was “frantic,” and even tried to beat up another dog walker in the Bogle’s building. Reports also surfaced that Sugar’s dog walker was running to the roof of the building though it’s not clear why. As far as I know, no charges have been filed against the dog walker.

If you or someone you know has information about Sugar’s whereabouts, please call 949-887-0283. To stay up to date on this story and help spread the word via social media, please like Sugar’s Facebook page here.

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