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In 2007, my husband and I decided we wanted to expand the family in the form of a four-legged furry baby. He preferred Boston Terriers but I was the one actually doing the searching and there was no doubt in my mind that we’d end up with a Cocker Spaniel. I grew up with a Cocker and it was my favorite breed. After a failed attempt with another dog that just wasn’t ready to be adopted, we eventually took home Frenchy who changed our lives forever.

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A few years later, I began volunteering for the rescue who brought her to us because I couldn’t think of any other way to thank them for the love they brought into our household. We had 5 wonderful years with Frenchy and at the age of 7, she passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Words cannot express how heartbroken we were. Still, one week later, the dog rescue called and swore up and down that they had another dog for us… they believed she came just for us. Her name was Astoria but we named her Shelby and she is the most affectionate cuddle bug we could ever have imagined. 

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Without any serious intentions, dogs have become my passion. I have literally turned into “one of those people.” I’ve even given up trying to pry dog hair off of my black wardrobe.

I started this blog to share my silly dog photos, rescue stories, news, product reviews, and awesome dog deals with my readers. I hope you like what you read and that you’ll come back daily for more.

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  • It’s so hard when you lose one dog and someone tells you to get another…I had my Casey from 7 months to 17 years..We went everywhere together and Casey was my constant sidekick, no matter what..Casey had been abused as a very young puppy..I say someone got her for Christmas and must have beat her terribly with her leash, as it took me almost a year to get her leash on and off without her snapping..She was a fear snapper and unfortunately, would remain that way..Once you got to know her she was fantastic..My best friend was putting make-up on one day and Casey kept hitting her and we had no idea why..My friend took her closed lipstick and pretended to put it on her and that was it! She wanted make-up on everyday and when you took out the camera she would actually pose! When you said “Side” she would turn her entire body so you could get the picture.. We had so many times that were the best of times..When it was her time ‘medically” She kept on going and going..Blood tests showed her kidneys were shutting down and her heart murmur was terrible and still she ran and played. My Vet said the only explanation was “great love”…I’d like to believe that .The months went by as she started sleeping more and it was just a matter of when..I kept asking God to please take her gently, peacefully, in her sleep.That just never happened. She was going downhill fast and woke up one morning blind….I let her go on a few days more but in my heart I knew this was the sign I had been sent that her quality of life was gone…I would carry her outside and I asked her if it was time to “Go up to God” and for the first time in so long, she kissed me all over my face..How do you make an appointment to break your heart? I couldn’t imagine waking up the next day and not having her next to me….There was one more person that had to say “Goodbye” to her..Her best friend and boyfriend Zeke…He ran over and kissed her and didn’t stay by her side as they had done so many days and nights before…..
    When I brought Casey home, so many years before, I made a promise that I would love her until the very last beat of her heart..I picked one of my closest friends to take us…he never judges or even really speaks much in serious times and that’s just what I needed….My Vet, who was wondering all day if I would find the strength to bring her was a very sad man that day….He gave her the first shot that would give me another 15-20 minutes to say Goodbye..I had brought a pillow case for her that said ” Goodnight Mom, I love you”…The book I read to her when I first got her…”Guess How much I love you” and her favorite tennis balls….I wrote a note to God, so he would know just how loved and special she was.I held her so our heartbeats were touching…When she finally drifted off, she got the final shot that took about 6 seconds to carry her up to the rainbow bridge where so many loved ones had gone before..I wanted to stay there forever , but knew our time together was really over and how very much it would take to heal my heart…When we got home and I opened the car door, there in the driveway was a shiny new penny and I knew Casey was running once again like the wind….She was home….Stay tuned…

    • I didn’t mean to write so much but It’s hard to fit 17 years into a short story..My greatest thing about loving Casey was that I had all this love and nowhere to put it…I didn’t want another dog, thinking I would never love another dog like that. Through Facebook I started to check out some buff color cocker spaniels and learned about fostering..I gave it a lot of thought and it was the perfect solution!! Fostering give you a chance to see if you’re ready to make that long term commitment again and share your life with a furry, four-legged wiggle-butt….Abandoned Angels sent me the prettiest little Angel that we named Jerzee,,,Her name was Diamond, but it was important to me at the time to make her somewhat my own.. Jerzee was sweeter than sweet..However, sadly, Jerzee was sick….We had about 3 months with Jerzee to show her as many good times as one can squeeze into a day…Vacations up in the woods at the Cabin, parks, Day trips, all fun times, until it was time….Jerzee had a great end to her life..I’m not sure how it began, but it ended with her knowing she was loved and safe…I knew after Jerzee I was ready and I volunteered with Abandoned Angels to once again foster,,,,There was these adorable senior that tugged at my heart the first time I saw him…He was shaved down and actually when I got him here, they opened the door of the van and his cage door and out came this little boy wearing a huge cone!! The next night he got this terrible cough and we were up for about 2-3 nights until it passed…I was a lousy foster~ I could never let this sweet, kind, loving senior out of my life…Last New Years Eve, I became his Mom and Hawthorne has made me fall over the moon in love with him! So, if you were like me and had all this love, you owe it to your previous dog to pass it on to another dog or cat, that so needs your love and you need to be rescued!!

  • Donna, thank you for sharing Casey’s story. It’s actually very comforting to know that other people understand how heartbreaking the loss of a pet can be. They are like our babies. I hope Casey and Frenchy are playing together! 🙂

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